Custonaci, also called “the city of marble, has a vast marble quarrying area stretching from Mount Sparagio to Mount Cofano and Mount Palatimone. It is located on a hill at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level: on the top of the hill lies the imposing Santuario of Maria Santissima of Custonaci (Sanctuary of the Most Holy Mary of Custonaci). Inside there is a painting depicting the Blessed Virgin Mary, object of great popular devotion. This oil painting, dating back to 1471 and attributable to the school of Antonello da Messina, depicts the Virgin breast-feeding the Child. In the last week of August the feast in Her honour is held: a procession by sea makes it really evocative and unique. A multitude of boats accompany the painting until the landing, in the beautiful setting of the Bay of Cornino. Connected to the beautiful Riserva Naturale di Monte Cofano (Mount Cofano Nature Reserve), the territory of Custonaci features numerous caves, interesting both speleologically (such as the o ne called “Cufuni”, with stalactites and stalagmites) and archaeologically (such as the one called “Mangiapane”, inhabited by humans since the Upper Paleolithic and today used, during the Christmas period, as a natural backdrop in the event called “Living Crib of Custonaci). At the foot of Mount Cofano, between a golden sandy beach and rocks with irregular outlines, stands the bay of Cornino, a renowned holiday place, with crystal clear waters and seabeds rich in fauna and flora. A real paradise for snorkelers and divers.

The Trails


Cave di c.da Chiova

A piedi tra cave, architetture naturali e testimonianze dell’identità di una civiltà. A Custonaci, la città del marmo.
1 h 50 min
6,2 Km

Monte Cofano - Monte Monaco

Natura, storia, leggende e un mare stupendo dalle molteplici sfumature, fino alla rinomata San Vito Lo Capo.
3 h 10 min
11,0 Km

Monte Cofano

Siti archeologici e torri difensive che costeggiano il mare, con le onde che si stagliano sulle pareti rocciose.
2 h 00 min
6,80 Km

Scurati - Cofano

Grotte preistoriche e riserve naturali: lo scenario strepitoso del Golfo di Bonagia e della costa sinuosa che si tuffa nel

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Agro Ericino holiday

Agro Ericino holiday (4 giorni, 3 notti) in collaboration with the Tour Operator  GENERAL INFO: - Booking available all the year

Week-end Agro Ericino

Week-end nell'Agro Ericino (3 days, 2 nights) in collaboration with the Tour Operator  GENERAL INFO : - Booking available all the

Holiday in the western Sicily

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