Monte Monaco

Between stone blocks and endemic vegetation: from the top of Mount Monaco a breathtaking view can be admired. A plunge into the crystal-clear waters of San Vito!
2 h 30 min
8,9 Km

Porta Castellammare - Tre chiese

Religious architectures and cobbled roads: from Mount Erice the view ranges from the Egadi islands to the mountains of San Vito Lo Capo.
1 h 30 min
4,5 Km

Sentiero di Sant'Anna

Full steam ahead with nature! Between woods and forests to reach the summit, the ancient Medieval town of Erice, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
2 h 20 min
5.5 Km

Torretta Pepoli

Cyclopean walls, ancient castles and historical buildings, and then the visit to the hamlet of Erice, with its artistic and traditional craftsmanship and its almond sweets.
0 h 50 min
2,70 Km