Erice is an ancient Medieval village, one of the most beautiful in Italy. It is more than three thousands years old and it’s a place rich in history, myths and legends. The historical buildings, among them the church of San Giovanni Battista (St. John the Baptist), the church of San Giuliano (St. Julian), the church of San Martino (St.  artin) and the Matrice (Main Church), are of great artistic value, as well as its urban layout: from the charming Cyclopean walls to the stone paved streets. The Norman Castle arises majestically: it hides old stories linked to the cult of the goddess Venus and, in recent years, various stories of ghosts. A little further on, in a silent atmosphere complemented by breathtaking views (ranging from the saltpans of Trapani to the sinuous slopes of the Agro Ericino), visitors can admire the beautiful garden of the Balio. Erice also seduces its visitors thanks to its artisan workshops, which expose typical handicraft products: from the hand-painted pottery to the colourful rugs. Visitors cannot leave Erice without first sampling its typical sweets, such as the “genovese”, a pastry sweets stuffed with cream and covered with powdered sugar, the “mustazzoli”, spiced biscuits with a crunchy consistency, the almond sweets or sipping a glass of native wine.

The Trails


Demanio forestale S.Matteo

Nature, culture and the protection of biodiversity: from the farming of the typical “asino pantesco (donkey from Pantelleria) to the
2 h 00 min
6,90 Km

Torretta Pepoli

Cyclopean walls, ancient castles and historical buildings, and then the visit to the hamlet of Erice, with its artistic and
0 h 50 min
2,70 Km

Porta Castellammare - Tre chiese

Religious architectures and cobbled roads: from Mount Erice the view ranges from the Egadi islands to the mountains of San
1 h 30 min
4,5 Km

Sentiero di Sant'Anna

Full steam ahead with nature! Between woods and forests to reach the summit, the ancient Medieval town of Erice, one
2 h 20 min
5.5 Km

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Agro Ericino holiday

Agro Ericino holiday (4 giorni, 3 notti) in collaboration with the Tour Operator  GENERAL INFO: - Booking available all the year

Week-end Agro Ericino

Week-end nell'Agro Ericino (3 days, 2 nights) in collaboration with the Tour Operator  GENERAL INFO : - Booking available all the

Holiday in the western Sicily

Holiday in the western Sicily (5 days, 4 nights) in collaboration with the Tour Operator  GENERAL INFO: - Booking available all