The Agro Ericino, in the western part of Sicily, has one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, with a combination of sea and mountains, countryside and cliffs.

This area, in the province of Trapani, takes its name from Erice and the surrounding fertile land.
Over the centuries, the ancient village, situated on the top of the homonymous mount, has been overlooking all the valley below and also, for its defensive function, it governed the economic life of the populations that inhabited it.
Nature predominates in most parts of the area, that, thanks to its mild climate year round, can produce high-quality typical products, including an excellent extra virgin olive oil and fine wines.

Open on the Mediterranean Sea, a series of charming villages and hamlets rich in history and tradition are part of this territory: they are well maintained and preserved, far from mass tourism, where it is still possible to enjoy relaxing and peaceful moments.

Not only culture, art and history, but also sea and mountains, caves and sport activities, amusements and gastronomy: all of these coexist in a natural symbiosis, away from the hustle and bustle of the urban centers, and make the Agro Ericino the ideal destination for a holiday in touch with nature.

Well served and connected with the airports and ports of Trapani and Palermo, it is possible to reach in a short time any destination.

Following well marked route, walking through charming hill roads or along the beautiful coast, hikers can reach the nature trails, castles, churches and the wineries which are part of the “Strada del Vino Erice DOC (CDO Erice Wine Route)”, as well as to the best sites, for an unforgettable stay in Sicily.

Come raggiungerci

In aereo:
Aeroporto di Palermo “Falcone-Borsellino” o Trapani-Birgi “V.Florio”

In auto:
Autostrada A29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo, uscita per Trapani

The trails


Scopello - Castello di Baida

Between stacks and crystal-clear waters, the baglio of Scopello, nearby the “Riserva Naturale Orientata dello Zingaro (Zingaro Nature Reserve)”, hides
1 h 50 min
6,5 Km

Tre Portelle - Fossa del Bove

Shoot the perfect picture: capture the gulf of Castellammare. From the Belvedere, you will enjoy a magnificient view. And then,
3 h 40 min
13,2 Km

Bosco Scorace - Inici

The countryside in all its beauty, with signs of the centuries-old presence of man, and the castle of Inici, one
3 h
8,1 Km

Buseto Palizzolo - Bosco Scorace

An atmosphere of total relaxation between evocative rural landscapes and a wooded area where to enjoy the surrounding landscape.
2 h 30 min
9,00 Km

Pietra Colli

Between “bagli (typical Sicilian rural buildings with a spacious courtyard)” and farmhouses in the inland part of Agroericino: vineyards, olive
1 h 20 min
4,2 Km

Cave di c.da Chiova

Walking through the quarries, the natural architectures and the testimonies of the cultural identity of a community. At Custonaci, the
1 h 50 min
6,2 Km

Monte Monaco

Between stone blocks and endemic vegetation: from the top of Mount Monaco a breathtaking view can be admired. A plunge into
2 h 30 min
8,9 Km

Monte Cofano - Monte Monaco

Nature, history, legends and a beautiful sea to the renowned San Vito Lo Capo, a popular destination for lovers of
3 h 10 min
11,0 Km

Monte Cofano

Archaeological sites and defensive watch towers along the coast, with the waves crashing on the rocky walls creating charming water
2 h 00 min
6,80 Km

Scurati - Cofano

Prehistoric caves and nature reserves: the breathtaking backdrops of the gulf of Bonagia and the sinuous coast plunging into the

Monte Misericordia

Between the sacred and the profane, following the old devotional path, to the discovery of charming places and testimonies of
4 h 00 min
14,2 Km

Demanio forestale S.Matteo

Nature, culture and the protection of biodiversity: from the farming of the typical “asino pantesco (donkey from Pantelleria) to the
2 h 00 min
6,90 Km

Torretta Pepoli

Cyclopean walls, ancient castles and historical buildings, and then the visit to the hamlet of Erice, with its artistic and
0 h 50 min
2,70 Km

Porta Castellammare - Tre chiese

Religious architectures and cobbled roads: from Mount Erice the view ranges from the Egadi islands to the mountains of San
1 h 30 min
4,5 Km

Sentiero di Sant'Anna

Full steam ahead with nature! Between woods and forests to reach the summit, the ancient Medieval town of Erice, one
2 h 20 min
5.5 Km

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Agro Ericino holiday

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